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Historical Walking Tour

An Australian Heritage Festival Event

Two hundred years ago, the Governor of NSW joined forces with an infamous convict. Their mission: to transform the penal colony of Sydney into a handsome colonial town.

In a few short years, Australia’s first major architectural achievements would be realised. From sophisticated churches to gothic castles, and armed fortresses to elegant obelisks. Sydney’s skyline would change forever and so would its place in the world.

But behind these grand structures lay a very human story. One of dreams, defiance and an unlikely friendship between two proud men. Join us on a guided walking tour as we discover the curious case of Macquarie & Greenway.

Guests will be led on this tour by Journey Walks before enjoying a delicious main course and a glass of wine at Jardin St James.

This tour will start at Cadmans Cottage, 110 George Street, The Rocks.

Tours available at 10am or 1pm

$49 per person inclusive of:
1.5 hour guided historical walking tour
Glass of wine
Main Course

Please note, this event is now fully booked.